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Trump signs law undoing Obama coal mining regulation.

United States President, Donald Trump, has signed legislation ending a key Obama coal mining rule, which aimed to stop the industry from dumping waste into nearby waterways.

The legislation, which was finalised in December under the Obama administration, was filed under the Office of Surface Mining’s Stream Protection Rule.

At the signing, Trump called the regulation “another terrible job killing rule” and said ending it would save ” thousands of American jobs, especially in the mines.”

“This is a major threat to your jobs and we’re going to get rid of this threat,” he added. “We’re going to fight for you.”

Both the House and Senate approved the measure to undo the law, through the underutilised Congressional Review Act, which allows lawmakers to roll back any regulation the Obama administration instituted from June to his last day in office.

Republicans have been using it to target regulations they regard as a burden on economic growth and businesses.

These strides by the Trump administration have been noted as questionable acts that are undoing some important environmental protections, a source close to the administration said soon after Scott Pruitt was sworn in as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency,

The President will take executive action directing Pruitt to make good on campaign promises related to climate change policy and regulations.

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