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XRT diamond recovery tech yields another large diamond for Lulo mine

A 227 carat diamond has been unearthed at Lulo diamond mine. The type IIa D-colour stone is the biggest single stone to be recovered at the newly commissioned XRT large diamond recovery circuit at the Lulo mine to date, and Angola’s second largest diamond on record.

Geoffrey Madderson, Segment Manager Diamonds at TOMRA Sorting Mining said, “TOMRA’s XRT Diamond Recovery Technology has yielded another diamond of exceptional size and quality, and is proud to have delivered it to the Lucapa-operated Lulo mine in Angola. TOMRA would like to congratulate and thank Lucapa and its Lulo partners for the good cooperation so far and the confidence shown in our technology.”

The large diamond recovery circuit, which includes the TOMRA sorting unit, went into commercial operation in the December 2016 Quarter, processing oversized alluvial gravels at the diamond project in Angola.

As part of the new coarse recovery stream at the 150 tonne per hour diamond plant, the XRT technology has provided the Lulo partners with the capability to recover individual diamonds of up to 1,100 carats. The XRT sorting technology is significantly more effective for the recovery of higher quality low-luminescing Type IIa diamonds.

Lucapa Managing Director Stephen Wetherall commented, “The recovery of the 227 carat diamond using the new XRT circuit justifies our investment in TOMRA´s large diamond recovery technology, which has more than paid for itself with the recovery of this one stone alone.”

“We had already seen what the implementation of this XRT technology delivered for Lucara in Botswana, enabling the recovery of the second largest diamond ever by the the Karowe mine, Botswana, in November 2015.”


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