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SEW-Eurodrive plans to increase local assembly capability

The bulk of SEW-Eurodrive’s regional turnover is generated by South Africa’s mining industry. The company’s OEM remains a leading innovator and solutions provider in bulk materials handling and conveying technology.

Jürgen Blickle, GmbH President and MD commented that, while the mining industry was still in a slump, “we are still very strong in mining.”

Blickle revealed that the OEM planned to ramp up its local assembly operations, with an expanded assembly facility on the cards.

Another key focus for future growth will be to boost the aftermarket sector, which has seen the company establish a new Field Service Department and Repair Centre.

“We want to increase the service business, including servicing brands other than our own. This is an international trend, whereby we find customers approaching us for this particular service,” Blickle stressed.

A distinct advantage of the OEM’s global footprint is an international pool of project and application experience. This not only encompasses manufacturing capability, but also an excellent grasp of local conditions and specific requirements.

“What gives us the leading edge is not only how we manufacture our products, using the latest methodologies and technologies, but our in-depth knowledge of highly-technical sectors such as mining, food and beverage and automotive,” Blickle elaborated.

However, Blickle added that the main focus is still offering complete replacement units wherever possible. “As so many of our products are largely identical and interchangeable, we will simply offer a replacement unit as opposed to repairing an old one.”

In South Africa, the Johannesburg assembly facility has invested significantly in installing the latest Assembly Islands to streamline production and reduce waste, an upgrade that will be carried through to the local branches in Nelspruit, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town.

Blickle stresses that the ongoing success of SEW-Eurodrive is largely due to the fact that, although it is a multinational company, “we always tend to do business like a family, and we feel like a family. I think that is unique.”

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