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President appoints committee to clarify mineral exports uncertainty

Tanzania is introducing reforms in the mining sector to make the most of its natural resources following the setting up of another committee to look into the legal and commercial framework of exporting concentrates from the country.

President John Magufuli recently appointed the committee, which is composed of lawyers and economists, to audit the mineral concentrates trade of 1998.

“Make a follow-up on the number of containers that have been shipped from our country starting from 1998, and find out if these containers had gold, silver or copper and establish how many tonnes were exported every month,” the president told the team as he swore them in on 11 April.

The committee will also be seeking to establish if the government earned its fair share of revenue.

President Magufuli also wants them to establish the net worth of exports and how much the country has been paid so far and whether the payment was correct.

The committee is expected to work closely with and complement the work of another formed last month, comprising geologists, to assess the recoverable value of minerals in the concentrates and whether they would support local processing of the minerals.

President Magufuli said it was now time for the country to extract maximum returns from its resources, adding that the government will not allow a situation where its resources are exported without its citizens benefiting.


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