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Sudan minerals minister encourages investment in minerals processing

The Sudanese Minister of Minerals, Professor Hashim Ali Salim indicated that one of the most important recommendations the Government of national reconciliation is aiming to implement is the prevention of exports of Sudan’s different raw materials, especially its minerals.

During a meeting on Sunday with the official of the Old Civilizations Company – working in the field of metal mining in the northern state, he said the processing of the raw materials is a priority to the government, beside the encouragement to investors in this field.

He noted while appreciating the work of the Old Civilizations Company in focusing on investment in other minerals than gold, that the metal industry works in the field of iron scrap recycling while there are millions of tons of iron in Sudan.

The company’s director, Abdul Gadir Mohamed Zaine revealed the great work in the exploration works, which has reached the deep digging stage as well as the identification of reserves of up to 1 billion tons of iron.

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