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Marikana is the same as Sharpville massacre – Mathunjwa

Amcu President Joseph Mathunjwa at this year’s Marikana commemoration said the Marikana massacre, in which 34 miners were gunned down by police, was the same as the Sharpeville massacre that took place in 1960 at a police station in the Sharpville township.

“The workers who assembled at the Koppie five years ago are the real pioneers of radical economic emancipation,” said Mathunjwa at the commemoration at Marikana.

Opposition party delegates attended the commemoration, while ANC government officials were a no show.

The ANC and other government officials are expected to hold a separate commemoration ceremony on the 2 September after family members and victims of the massacre expressed their wishes to exclude Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa from the Amcu organised event.

Mathunjwa had said in a presser held earlier in August that Amcu, had a meeting with the widows and members of Marikana and they made it clear Cyril Ramaphosa would not be welcome at the Koppie on the 16th.

In attendance at the commemoration day was EFF Leader Julius Malema and EFF member advocate Dali Mpofu.

The EFF leader called on the victims to raise any concerns they had with him, and if they needed anything raised in parliament, he invited them to come to the EFF.

“Those in power would want us to forget the brutality released by the police under the ANC government. We will not forget,” said Malema.

Mpofu added that it saddened him that after five years, the government had still not compensated the people affected by the massacre.

He said that he would not let the Farlem’Commisions report be the final word, and should it become necessary, the EFF would overturn the findings.

“The time has come for Zuma to stop playing with our people,” said Mpofu. “The truth will come out, about what happen here. There are witnesses.”

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