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CAT 794 provides bigger payload and better bottom line

What makes the Caterpillar 794 AC the most popular 290-tonne in the market? Designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, the 794 AC electric drive truck has become popular in the 290-tonne truck range.

According to the company, who launched the large hauler back in 2016, the truck combines the performance of AC electric drive with the reliability of Caterpillar to boost the bottom line.

“The Cat 794 AC outperforms its competitors. Boasting a 291-tonne capacity, the truck has a bigger payload, higher speeds, superior breaking and a better bottom line,” said the company.

“It uses the Cat C175-16 engine and Cat AC power train, outperforming the most popular competitor.”

The system power of the CAT 794 AC is adaptable to accommodate changes in production targets and to work seamlessly in mixed fleets. It comes in three power options: 2750, 3100 and 3500 hp, which are available using the same engine.


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