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SA mining struggles don’t originate from white monopoly capital – Mkhize

The mining industry should work towards denouncing the view that South Africa’s struggles in the mining industry are advanced by white monopoly capital, but rather look to how radical economic transformation can be used as an instrument to fast track the inclusion of black players in the industry.

These were the words of Dr Zweli Mkhize, Treasurer-General, ANC at the opening of this year’s Junior Mining Indaba held at Inanda, Johannesburg.

Mkhize said we should not fear radical economic transformation. He said the term only seeks to increase ownership and participation of black industrialist and entrepreneurs who have previously been left out of the industry.

Mkhize noted that when the industry speaks about radical economic transformation, it is speaking about the speed of transformation in the mining sector, and the speed of integrating mostly black entrepreneurs, and mining service providers into a sector that has historically been closed off to them.

“When we speak about radical economic transformation, we are not talking about helping the elite enjoy privileges. We are not talking about looting. Outside state capture and corruption, there are a huge number of entrepreneurs who feel the industry and the economy is not open to them,” said Mkhize.

“We have a country that excluded black people from the economy, there is nothing wrong with accommodating and increasing the number of black entrepreneurs, where we the ANC government together with industry issues support, be it skills development or financial support, and deal with issues of exclusion,” he added.

Mkhize said the ruling party takes the threat of state capture very seriously, however, the government has not experienced it long enough to know what is happening and how best to deal with it.

He did however add that the ANC could only wait for the necessary investigations by the police to take place.

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