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Calls for mining industry to embrace new technology

The mining industry is starting to see global mining companies embracing technologies and engaging in discussions that promote collaboration and innovation. Such technological collaborations will ultimately create more successful projects and stability for the industry moving forward.

This is according to Wray Carvelas, CEO, DRA group, who said it was important for the mining industry to collaborate with other experts and organisations, as this would help distribute knowledge, and ensure the ability to formulate realistic project plans that deliver results.

“The recent market pressures have highlighted the importance of potential efficiencies and digital technologies to accurately predict and optimise project performance,” said Wray Carvelas, CEO, DRA group.

“We are seeing mining companies, worldwide, shift their strategies to adopt new business and operating models to include new technologies – at a more rapid pace than ever before. This fundamental shift has the potential to transform safety outcomes, enhance performance and ultimately unlock new benefits in the sector,” he added.

Carvelas said that having realistic expectations from the start and listening to honest feedback and advice was key to successful collaboration.  He said it would provide a strong foundation on which a project would be built.


“In today’s changing landscape there’s a lot more at risk and an indefinite amount of variables but genuine understanding and collaboration can navigate most of these challenges,” he added.

Carvelas noted however that while technological advancements aid in determining and mitigating risk, there’s a lot to be said for hands on experience.

“The theory of navigating climates, leadership, equipment, systems and socio-economic factors is very different to the practical application and there is no algorithm to guide these decisions,” he said.

“A knowledgeable partner will know how to mix the old with the new. Innovative systems while running concurrently with sound advice can see studies through to successful project completion.”




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