Global power generation manufacturer Cummins Southern Africa said it will continue to invest significantly in capabilities and developing people to provide world class aftermarket support to customers in the African region.

This is according to the Thierry Pimi, Managing Director of Cummins Southern Africa, who at a media breakfast held in Johannesburg today said, “Despite difficult market conditions last year, Cummins performed very well by exceeding our sales forecasts and increasing our investments in the region.

“We are totally committed to the African continent and will continue to grow our business and innovate new solutions for our customers. We have full confidence in the market as current political developments drive predominantly pro-business and pro-regulatory reforms in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Angola.”

Pimi noted that the anticipated increase in mining activity, and the progress of major infrastructure and power projects will create a favourable business environment for the company and improve the operations of the companies key markets.

“The company is on track to commissioning its new Johannesburg flagship facility at Waterfall City in October 2018. This new facility will also serve as the launch pad for brand reinforcement to attract the best talent in the region. Moreover, several strategic initiatives are currently being set in motion. With the best people, we will continue to deliver world class service in the region and honour our promise to our customers,” he added.

Exclusive mining data tool

At the media breakfast, the CSARO Mining activity, led by Andre Kuhn, announced the development and rollout of an advanced fault finding electronic support tool, which is targeted at the mining industry and identifies the origin of technical glitches and the parts required to repair it.

Kuhn said, “The IPad device reduces downtime, improves efficiency and provides cost savings for the customer. Furthermore, the introduction of telematics, or DEMS (Data Enabled Mining Solutions), which monitors the vital statistics and performance of an engine remotely, will help present early warnings of potential engine downtime.

“This will allow the customer to optimise engine availability and component life while minimising engine downtime.”

Improved aftermarket support

Orlando Ferrao, General Manager, Cummins Southern Africa concluded the formal proceedings by highlighting that the company had aggressive plans in place to form cohesive partnerships with customers to ensure the best experience possible.

“As part of this rollout, the company will be increasing the availability of over-the-counter parts to improve aftermarket support of our products,” Ferrao concluded.