Federal-Mogul Motorparts has launched a new product line of FP Diesel cylinder components and gaskets for use on the John Deere 6090 PowerTech Tier 2, 3, IT4 & FT4 engines.

The engines are used in a variety of mining, construction and industrial applications.

The cylinder kits contain FP Diesel’s one-piece powerforged friction-welded steel pistons, which provide exceptional strength and durability, the company said in a statement.

“The patented closed-cooling gallery ensures maximum cooling by allowing a greater volume of oil to reach more of the piston’s interior surfaces. The friction-welded cooling gallery results in a box structure that reduces piston deformity significantly, and increases support to the ring lands.”

The company said the Powerforged pistons are finished with a proprietary manganese phosphate coating to insure superior break-in and greater resistance to scuffing.

“The combination of manganese phosphate coating and profiled pin bore allows these pistons to operate without bushings for increased durability.”

Additionally, the FP-R530609 liner used in FP Diesel cylinder kits is made from a specially-formulated ductile cast iron, designed and tested to withstand the high cylinder pressures found within the 6090 engine.

Unlike typical wet sleeves, the 6090 liner has a considerably thinner wall thickness, which can withstand peak firing pressures and reduce the risk of premature failure.

“FP Diesel’s exclusive ML7 head gasket complements the 6090 PowerTech cylinder components with its patented multi-layer design, providing significantly enhanced combustion and fluid sealing capabilities, as well as high temperature resistance.

“The reinforced gasket body increases lateral stability, and provides a rigid backbone to the combustion seal,” concluded Frank Piojda, Off-Highway/Heavy Duty Director, Federal-Mogul Motorparts, EMEA.