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8th Annual women in mining

“Chamber of Mines president Mike Teke says the empowerment of women is critical to help the mining industry deliver on its transformation objectives. The representation of women in the mining sector has improved significantly from around 11 400 in 2002 to around 53 000 women working in the mining industry in 2015, with women now representing more than 10% of people employed in mining activities.” 


Key strategies to be discussed

  • Using the Mining Charter as a tool to progress women in mining as well as disadvantaged individuals
  • Advancing the mining industry by investing in the research, development and training of women
  • Understanding the current state of the mining industry in order to make a positive contribution
  • Becoming an SMME supplier by looking at current opportunities
  • Empowering women in mining to lead in a man’s world
  • Encouraging women to report sexual violence with accuracy and in turn provide a supportive environment
  • Discussing women’s physical abilities and overcoming common challenges
  • Evaluating your Social Labour Plans and needs analysis of the community
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